Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting Old Is No Fun

Elderly People signImage by bensons via Flickr

I am so thankful I have done so many things when I was young.
I can't seem to do anything now days.
I lose things that I know where I put them and then they are not there.
Five days ago, I cleaned out all seven drawers of my desk
looking for a new cell phone I had put up.
Did not find it but I found six new refillable lighters (yes I smoke).
Took one out to use, did not remove the other five.
I gave mine to a friend today so went to get another and they were no where to be found.
Emptied all seven drawers again to no avail.
Just because I am older than dirt would someone please tell I am not loosing my mind.
Love My 2 Dogs was asking if I was alright, Yes I am fine I think.
Not sick as far as I can tell.
But I so think someone is messing with my mind.
It may be that it is just gone.
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  1. Oh Granny M, you're just fine.... I lose things all of the time. Big Daddy's always griping at me or joking with me about it... So, I think either we're both losing our minds..or we're just cool like that :)

  2. gosh i am glad to see you here again
    been awhile huh

    feel the same way yesterday having made that big boo boo forgetting

  3. You crack me up and I love your stories. I also seem to have the ghost in my house that moves things and uses things up all the time. I have tried to keep the monster out of my house but to no avail, things keep getting moved, used up, and just plain lost forever. My problem is it I am doing something and I leave the room, I forget what I was doing. For example: this morning I was in the kitchen filling the dish soap container and went to go into the daycare bathroom to get another empty soap container to fill with Dawn for Hubby to use on his greasy grimy hands and had to go back into the kitchen twice to try to remember what I went in there for. And I am not older than dirt. haha


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