Monday, August 10, 2009

Grease Monkey, I Don't Want To Be

Here I am again with memories.

After divorcing my first husband (his drinking just became to much) I finally remarried.

stupid oil filter.Image by kendrak via Flickr

We were in business for ourselves and lived in Billy Sol Estes country.
As so many people did at that time we had to close up shop and go else where.
Husband #2 went to the city for work while I stayed at home waiting for school to be out for the kids.
Then my car broke down .
I found out it was the water pump so I call a good friend who was a mechanic.
I asked him to go get me a water pump (he could get it at a discount).
One morning I started, pulled the fan and then the water pump.
Then I put the new one on and replaced the fan .
Next I put water in the radiator and checked for leaks.
Sure 'nuff had one so I went back and tighten all the bolts up better, surprise no leaks.
Was finished by lunch time.
My mother had lunch fixed, by the way she was watching the children for me.
If not it may have taken me several days to finish.
When husband #2 found out I had replaced the water pump he was sure the car would never work again.
It lasted a long time and we never had to replace the water pump again.
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  1. You are too cool! The Olds needs a new water pump...want to come help me replace it?

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I love you! Thanks for always being there for me.

  2. You are just a jackie of all trades. lol Keep the stories coming, I love them. I am not the type of woman that would "NEED" a man for things either. If I have to I will do it myself.

  3. have a meme for ya'


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